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Under the authorisation of the Ministry of Safety and Security and Armaments Development and Manufacturing Permit 6-02-00145

Techno Arms has a wide range of licences rights to develop and manufacture various calibre's of hand guns, rifes, shotguns, semi-automatic sub-machine guns not excluding 12,7mm caliber infantry weapons.

Under the same permit and in conjunction with the gas and explosives permit Techno Arms is permitted to store, develop and market various non lethal and CS products used by special forces and riot control police.


Conventional Arms Marketing Permit 1-02-004363, permitting the company to market locally and internationally the following equipment:
> Weapons, small caliber arms - less than 12,7mm caliber.
> Ammunition, small arms - less than 12,7mm caliber.
> Shotgun Ammunition and accessories.
> Shotgun Special Ammunition including non-lethal projectile.
> Launcher Weapons caliber 37/38mm - Police Crowd Control.
> Caliber 37/38mm various ammunitions including CS Gas.
> Signal & Flare 37/38mm,
> Various Hand Held, Flash Stun and including CS grenades.
> Various Grapnel Launchers and Grapnel Hooks.
> All Ballistic and chemical protective equipment used by the Police Forces.


Permit Code 000513

Assembly, reconditioning or altering of any weapons not exceeding
12,7mm caliber.

Dealers Licence

Dealer Codes 002840 and l00140

The Dealers Licence allows the company to trade in its own products as well as products manufactured elsewhere directly to the public. It also allows dealers to import or export all commercial weapons, ammunition and accessories without quantity limits.

Police Procurement

Permits the company to manufacture, sell, import or export specialised restricted Police equipment as prescribed in the Manufacturing and Marketing Permits.

Company's Product Range Capability

MAG - 7 M1 - 12 Gauge Magazine Loaded Pump Action Shotgun.
MAG- 737- 12/37 Shotgun Launcher.
GRL - 12 Grapnel Hook Launcher.
MGL - Long Range Grapnel Hook Launcher.
MAG-37/38 -Launcher.
Hand Held CS Grenade.
Hand Held Chilli Pepper Powder Grenade.
12 Gauge - Crimping Machine.
12 Gauge - Powder Loading Machine.
12 Gauge - Lethal Rounds.
12 Gauge - Non Lethal Rounds.
12 Gauge - Special Purpose Rounds.

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